The Team

Alain Cadet - Studio Owner and Director

Alain has been practicing Bikram Yoga since early 2004 ;

After a career of 12 years as a Global Sales and Marketing executive in the Luxury Industry, mostly based in Paris, Alain has decided to give a total turnaround to his life in 2010, when he decided to leave his job with the objective to devote his life to Yoga practice, teaching and transmission.

Certified by Bikram Choudhury in Fall 2010 in San Diego (California), Alain has since been teaching in Bikram Yoga Paris studios.

The creation of Bikram Yoga's first studio in Bordeaux has been his project since his return form California. His love for the city, the region and the ocean naturally drove him to settle in Bordeaux.

Alain is also a professional coach specialised in Professional related issues, certified in 2012 (Coach & Team - Transformance)

Alain Cadet  | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Florence Delmas - Bikram Yoga Teacher

Florence has been practicing Bikram Yoga since June 2012.

Her working path is rich. During her time living in Italy, a place she really loves, she promoted international films in Festivals across the country.
She also created tailor made trips for a tour operator, specialised in Italy, based in Paris. She has always been keen on Endurance Sports, and is still running Marathons. Taking care of health is a priority. So Yoga, wellbeing are a very important part in her life. She spends much time writing, particularly Poetry.
She discovered Yoga in 2005 and also teaches a more traditional Yoga - SwaSthya Yoga – De Rose Method - since 2008.

Certified by Bikram Choudhury in 2012 in Los Angeles (California), Florence is delighted to give classes in the first Bikram Yoga studio in Bordeaux with Alain.

Florance Delmas | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Hugues Launay - Bikram Yoga Teacher

Hugues has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2004

After studying English at University, Hugues chose a more artistic direction. He was at a Drama School in Paris for two years, during which he also took fashion courses. Soon after, Hugues discovered the art of make-up, his real passion. He then started a 20-year career for Yves Saint Laurent as an International Make- up Artist, then as an International Training Manager.

But, after all those years, changing lifestyle was mandatory. Hugues decided to settle in Bordeaux, an aesthetic choice, a love at first sight for the city, the perfect mix of charm and nobility. The proximity of the ocean offers an incomparable quality of life.

Hugues was certified by Bikram Choudury in 2012 in Los Angeles, and now teaches at Yoga Bikram Bordeaux studio.

Today, Hugues is also a free-lance consultant, and collaborates on different artistic projects, directing new make-up lines, in France and in Russia. Hugues also works on various international Training projects as a Style Specialist.

Hugues Launay | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Jennifer Melemed

Jennifer Melemed fell in love with Bikram Yoga in 1999, when she discovered the practice in her home town of San Diego, California. She was naturally drawn to yoga for the increased energy, strength, and flexibility it brought to her body; balanced with the sense of wellbeing and peace of mind she felt after every class.

While Jennifer worked for many years in the corporate world, she has also held a longtime passion for the French language and culture. In 2012 Jennifer completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training and was certified by Bikram Choudury in Los Angeles. She then left her accounting job in California and moved to France, beginning a new life and career as a yoga teacher. She currently lives in Poitiers with her husband and her Chihuahua, “Luna”, who made the transatlantic voyage with Jennifer. Even Luna has embraced the French lifestyle, le joie de vivre, and especially, the French cuisine!

Jennifer is thrilled to be working with Alain and the wonderful team in Bordeaux, and fulfilling many of her life-long dreams as she shares the gift of health improvement and maintenance with others of all nationalities, ages, and conditions…

"it’s never too late, it’s never too bad, and you’re never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again" – Bikram Choudury.

Jennifer Melemed | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Sophie Thomas

Yoga is a rendez-vous with myself.

Straight after my first Bikram Yoga class in June 2012, I felt in myself a lot of changes, quick, almost immediate, and always constant. There is now no way back!

I finally managed to finally find peace in a very stressful professional activity thanks to a peaceful and regular practice.

In 2015, after 3 years of almost daily practice, and the visit of different studios in the world, I made a big step in deciding to become a Bikram Yoga Instructor. This decision came very naturally to me.

It is with a lot of joy that I can now share this joyful energy, and transmit my passion in Bordeaux studio.

Sophie Thomas | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Eva Vandin

Infirmière libérale, Eva pratique le yoga Bikram depuis septembre 2013. A la recherche d'une activité sportive lui permettant d'évacuer le stress professionnel et de canaliser ses émotions, elle décide de se tourner vers ce yoga sportif et dynamique. Très vite convaincue par les bénéfices psychologiques et physiques que procure la pratique, faire la formation lui apparaît comme une évidence afin de pouvoir en faire profiter d'autres personnes. Elle a été certifiée par Bikram Choudhoury en Thaïlande en juin 2015.

Attention et empathie sont les maîtres mots de cette professionnelle de santé. Eva assimile l'enseignement comme une continuité à son métier. "Enseigner le yoga Bikram est pour moi une autre façon de prendre soin des gens, les guider vers le bien être et la bonne santé pour qu ils soient en meilleure forme plus longtemps".

Depuis décembre 2015, Eva est ravie de pouvoir partager vos énergies chez yoga bikram bordeaux avec sourire, dynamisme et entrain.

Eva Vandin | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux

Elsa Coudert

Après un parcours littéraire, c'est la rigueur, la ténacité et l'énergie des fourneaux qui fascinent Elsa durant près de sept années avec titre de chef de partie puis chef de sortie pour le fameux traiteur Humblot. C'est en 2014 qu'elle découvre alors l'équilibre entre sérénité et concentration avec la pratique du Yoga Bikram. Elle perfectionne sa pratique durant 3 années avant de se décider de s'envoler sous le soleil du Mexique en septembre 2017 et décrocher sa certification auprès de Bikram Choudhury.

Toujours appliquée, dynamique et soucieuse de repousser ses limites, Elsa rejoint dès son retour en France, l'équipe de yoga bikram Bordeaux pour son plus grand épanouissement.

Elsa Coudert | Yoga Bikram Bordeaux