What is Bikram Yoga?

26 Postures

Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class consisting of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

It is open to all levels of practitioners. The sequence of 26 postures was scientifically designed to systematically and progressively work every muscle, ligament, tendon and joint in your body, moving fresh oxygenated blood round 100% of the body, into each and every organ and fiber, restoring all systems.

Every posture prepares you for the next one and every following posture gains from the previous one, resulting in incredible benefits such as improved posture, muscle and joint mobility, concentration, boosted energy and overall rejuvenation.

The studio is heated to 105°F/41°C to help loosen the joints and improve the elasticity of the muscles, which allows for safer and deeper stretching. It also promotes sweating, resulting in an amazing detoxification.

This might sound like hard work but once you finish the 90-minute class you will be signing up for the next.

Yoga Bikram Bordeaux