Kids Yoga: let's go!

Every wednesday from 2 to 3 PM at the studio!
The room is not heated


We are offering 2 Kids Yoga classes per week: Wednesday from 2 to 3 PM.


The objectif is to develop the kids' body conscience, while reinforcing their strength, flexibility, concentration and will power.


Every class will be structured in 3 parts:

  • Deep Breathing Exercise - Pranayama - 5 mn
  • Salutations (body warm up) - 15 mn
  • 45 mn pf postures (asanas) practice, adapted from Bikram series


Kids Yoga Classes are taught by Alain Cadet, founder of Bikram Yoga Boreaux, and the other certified Bikram Yoga teachers teaching at the studio.

Class rates

  • Yearly subscription: unlimited access to all kids yoga classes and adult classes: 390€ - mat included (yealy subscriptions include 40€ subscription to AYSFA - Association du Yoga Sportif France Aquitaine and the participation fees for Asana Championships to be held in May 2017)
  • 10 class cards - Kids Yoga: 130€ - mat included
  • Unit Class: 15€ -mat included